Is Crystal Deodorant Natural?

All presented deodorants of this manufacturer are 100% natural, do not contain aluminum or parabens and are made of high-quality natural salt mineral (alunite, alum). The presented deodorants are hypoallergenic and for this reason they can be used by people with sensitive skin. Crystal deodorant completely eliminate the smell of sweat. Crystal deodorant are so safe that they can be used by pregnant women as well as women during lactation.

Crystal natural deodorants are recommended as the number one remedy for sweat by doctors, including oncologists, dermatologists and allergists. Our products are the perfect deodorizing choice for people with allergies and irritations from ordinary deodorants and antiperspirants. Crystal deodorant are the number one choice for people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Use Crystal natural deodorants today, and we promise that you will be happy, healthy, and free from the unpleasant smell of sweat!

Crystal deodorant principle

Natural Crystal deodorant is a powerful sorbent, dehydrates the bacteria on the skin that cause the smell, and causes their death. Until the Crystal deodorant film is washed off the skin, the bacteria are not repopulated. Alum has a large molecule with a negative ionic charge, which makes its penetration through the cell membrane impossible, which is a guarantee that alum does not enter the body. Crystal does the job of eliminating odor on the outside of the skin. The crystal does not affect the function of the sweat glands, does not block the sweat ducts, does not clog pores, in contrast to antiperspirants, i.e. it does not violate the natural function of the body – perspiration. Sweat continues to be produced by the glands and excreted through the ducts to the skin, but Crystal deodorant, being in the form of pollen on the skin, absorbs moisture, creating a feeling of comfort. Thus, without disturbing the physiology of the body, Crystal deodorant eliminates odor and excess moisture.