Car Interior Detailing Steamer

5 Tips For Choosing A Steam Cleaner For The Car Detailing

Wondering whether steam cleaning your vehicle is safe or not? Still, confused whether it is perfect for car interior detailing? Give a break to all your questions.

We are here to clear all your doubts and questions regarding car interior detailing steamer. All you have to do is stay glued till the end of the page.


Why is a car interior detailing steamer needed?

Do you know that in the detailing industry, customers need both effectiveness as well as efficiency? Car interior detailing steamer enables you to streamline all your operations in your car, by reducing the number of tools required to clean your car.

With steam cleaning, you no longer need multiple tools to clean your vehicle. It utilizes a jet stream of steam through an electronic machine. This steam is in vapor form reaches every nook and corner of your car, even those areas that cannot be reached or touched, and removes all dust, dirt, and germs.

There are several commercial steamers available that effectively help in cleaning cars and other vehicles. An important advantage that commercial steamers have over regular car washing is that it is eco-friendly and that it can be used for both the exterior as well as the interior of the cars and that too immediately after the steam cleaning.

You must be wondering how you can drive your car immediately after the steam cleaning service. This is because it is a completely dry procedure, therefore you don’t have to wait for your car to get rid of all the excess water so that you can drive it again.

Car Interior Detailing Steamer | Fortador LLC

Entrepreneurs these days choose those commercial steamers that can help them scale their business of car detailing. This they believe will help them increase their customers and maximize their profits.

Steam cleaning service for cars not just has replaced the regular multiple tools and chemical cleaning, but it is built in such a way that commercial steamers can be by 3 operators simultaneously. The entire procedure will require less than an hour.

Steam cleaning is considered the ultimate cleaning tool for car interior detailing. It can easily tackle all the challenges for interior car detailing. The steam stream used in commercial steam car cleaners is so powerful that it efficiently removes oil and dirt that are stuck onto the leather seats of the cars.

It has a high PSI value therefore steam cleaners can easily reach any crevice and the areas that are difficult to reach. It is so effective that its force can easily pulverize the stubborn stains of the k hardened salt as well.


Steam is a gaseous state of matter which is produced only at high temperatures, therefore car interior detailing steamers are considered to have antibacterial and antifungal action as well.

The detailers very well know about the number of bacteria found on the steering wheels, seats, doors, and dashboards. Steam cleaners help in killing these bacteria without making use of any nocive chemical substances.