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Why digital transcription services are a huge necessity?

Until a few years ago, audio transcription was a technology far removed from reality. So much so that it was seen only in fiction books, series and films. Today, it is an indispensable service that is already being used by several digital transcription services media, such as YouTube. You can watch a video and opt for “automatic subtitles” where the platform shows, in textual form, what is being said. 

In this way, as the name suggests, it is the transcription of what was said to the text format. This, as faithfully as possible to what is heard. Thus, unlike movie subtitles, for example, it does not adopt the text to the language. It makes the transcription – or translation, for media in another language – faithful to the content.

In this article, we will introduce you to the importance of usage and how digital transcription services will help your business. But, first, we demonstrate in a simplified way how this service works. Follow up! 

Audio transcription: check out how it works 

Currently, there are several platforms that offer this service to companies in all market segments. In general, they work in a similar way and use Artificial Intelligence to streamline processes. Typically, the following steps are performed.

  1. Hire and install the platform on your device.
  2. Load the file in the app interface and set up the transcript. You may need to choose audio quality, corrections, deadlines, and other options. 
  3. The transcription happens automatically. Some platforms send a text to human reviewers.
  4. After these steps, the document will be available for download in the main file formats.

Transcription takes place simply and quickly. It is a solution that saves your team from spending hours typing what is being said in audio and video recordings. 

You have seen that the operation of the service is simple. And, even with this feature, it is of great importance to the market, even more in times of acceleration of markets. Check out why video transcription is essential these days. 

The Importance of Audio Transcription to the Market 

With more and more digitization of the world, consumer behavior has changed. It is more online and businesses too. Thus, with more users on the internet, it is very important to provide alternatives that improve the consumer experience. And what many organizations do not realize is that there are many customers who have some kind of disability. Thus, it is necessary to promote the digital inclusion of these people. 

According to a research document, approximately 7% of Latin American people have a disability. There are about 34.5 million individuals. Still, the study shows that among these people, 48% are economically active. 

Thus, it is part of virtual accessibility practices to offer alternatives so that everyone has a good digital experience, for example. 

After all, what is the impact of audio transcription on companies?

As we mentioned, audio transcription is important for the entire market. And not just to help digitally include users with disabilities. This solution is an excellent tool for services that need to record meetings, for example. This is the case in the medical field.

transcription services

In the year 2020, in which the world was affected by health and economic crisis caused by the covid-19, an alternative for doctors was telemedicine, regulated in the Official Gazette of the Union. With consultations being carried out virtually, video transcription has become an important tool for healthcare professionals. With the permission of the person who will be attended, he can record this moment and, later, use a platform that makes the transcription. There are also options that do this simultaneously during the conversation with the patient.  

But this tool is for the entire market! For example, you have an online meeting with vendors or your home office staff. For this, he recorded the conversation. It is possible, through audio and video transcription, to make the minutes of that moment with much more precision. It is a great facility that, above all, can increase the productivity of your employees. After all, they will be able to perform other tasks while a platform transcribes their audio and videos.

Check out other benefits of digital transcription services

If you are still not sure about whether or not you need to get transcription services, here is a list of some benefits that might help you decide!

  • Content sharing 

By transcribing your company’s audios and videos, you can share the content with all team members, whether in full or in important fragments. So, for example, that conversation you had with a supplier can turn into an email to be sent to your staff.

It can also be used for your Human Resources department. In selections, professionals may, with authorization, record the candidates’ interviews. Then, share only the relevant information with who, in fact, will decide for the hiring read more

  • Assists in conducting courses and training

After all, keeping the team informed and updated is very important, not only for personal motivation but to improve customer service. Thus, the audio transcription feature is essential for pre-recorded courses and lectures, as it facilitates the notes on the content. 

Also, if your collaborator cannot hear the material because he is in some place or situation where he needs to keep silent, he can follow the training through the texts. Another tip is to share the content that was spoken in text format, such as PDF, ODT, among others. This way, the professional will be able to download and have access to the full content.

  • Improve your page’s SEO

Some tools make it possible to export transcripts to a web format. Thus, you can publish them synchronized to video, audio and also text players on your website. This even demonstrates to search engines that your content follows SEO practices. After all, it allows all users to have access to its content, a platform that offers this and other benefits. 

In addition to the aforementioned items, the solution enables files and scripts for HTML export (which includes JavaScript, CSS and Media Files) and can be customized and adapted with great ease. Also, it has human proof-readers, to guarantee the quality of the texts. 

We hope we have helped you realize how important digital transcription services are to your business.