PPE Equipment Kit

Types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit

PPE equipment kit is known to be unique equipment that you consider wear for creating a barrier between you as well as harmful microorganisms. This barrier again effectively reduces the probability of touching, spreading, and being exposed to germs.

Talking about this PPE equipment kit, this helps in the prevention of the spread of microorganisms in the hospital.

As a result, this can guard the people as well as health care workers against the chances of infections by reducing the chance of contamination.

So, all the visitors, patients, and hospital staff should make use of this PPE equipment kit to preferably avoid contact with any bodily fluids or blood.

Different Types of PPE Equipment Kit


You would be able to protect your hands by wearing gloves. This will also effectively reduce the spread of germs by covering your nose and mouth. There is the presence of a see-through plastic part in some masks for covering your eyes.

In this regard, a surgical mask again prohibits the spread of germs in your mouth and nose. It can reduce your chances of breathing in some germs.

Another popular type of mask is the respirator which forms a firm seal in the region of your mouth and nose. It may be required for avoiding breathing in small germs such as measles, and other viruses.

Eye Protection

This involves goggles along with face shields which guard the eye’s mucous membrane against any bodily fluids as well as blood. Germs present in the fluid can go into the eyes via. the mucous membrane which is prevented with the help of eye protection.

Clothing involves aprons, gowns, covering, head, as well as shoe covers. Often, these are used at the time of surgery to protect you as well as the patient.

Also, it can be used at the time of surgery to defend you while you deal with bodily fluids. So, this can be considered a great PPE Equipment Kit.

Again, a special type of PPE is also required while handling some cancer drugs known as cytotoxic PPE.

Maintaining A Good Respiration

Wearing a mask at work can seem to be a very difficult task for some people. But it is a very important PPE Equipment Kit that will protect you from hazardous materials like viruses, bacteria, smoke, vapors, dusk, or powder.

In this regard, specifically, the dusk masks contribute to offering protection against fine dust along with other dangerous particles.

Also, you should make use of a full-face mask in case the materials are very toxic. This should tightly adhere to the face and protect the mouth and nose against harmful pollution.


In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, it is very important to protect our hands from the spread of infection. So, you should always protect your hands with the right gloves.

Also, our fingers and hands are often injured and therefore, you should focus on protecting them properly.

It also depends on the particular sector that you are working in that which gloves you need to select. Gloves are an important PPE Equipment Kit, considered to be very important for different purposes such as:

  • Protection against the coronavirus
  • Protection against heat or cold
  • Protection against cuts by sharp materials
  • Protection against vibrations
  • Protection against splashes from diluted chemicals
  • Protection against bacteriological risks

Hearing Protection

Yes, you have heard it right. Although, this PPE Equipment Kit does not have that importance in the COVID-19 spread. But, it is very important for those people who specifically work in an environment with high sound levels. In that case, they should always focus on opting for hearing protection.

Earplugs are very comfortable but, earmuffs are considered to be convenient specifically on the work floor.

Feet Protection

Feet protection is another important PPE Equipment Kit which is required as your feet need solid protection. Both the boots and safety shoes are considered to be the ideal solution for protecting the feet specifically against heavyweights.

In this regard, an antiskid sole is also useful while you work in a damp environment. A lot of industrial accidents occur due to sliding or tripping.

Also, the shoe claws are recommended on slippery surfaces like ice and snow. But, in case you want extra comfort, then the special socks are the recommended ones.

Wearing The Correct Work Clothing

In the case of a crowded workshop, it is always very important to prevent accidents. This is considered to be the main reason, why good visibility at the workplace is important.

You can opt for a high visibility jacket along with pants that are made of a strong fabric. This is very effective to prevent any accidents. All that you need is to wear this similar to the hand protection. You can also get different versions for different applications.

Selecting The Right PPE

You should always focus on selecting the right PPE for your needs. Different types of PPE are used by different people.

You will find that your workplace has written specific instructions about the type of PPE to be used and when to exactly wear this.

PPE is required when you care for individuals who are in isolation along with the other patients. So, in this regard, you should always ask for expert supervision to learn more about protective equipment.

It is a crucial step to remove as well as dispose of the PPE safely every time you use it. This will protect others from being exposed to the germs. You may use special laundry containers that can be reused even after cleaning.

Final Words

So, these are some of the most important types of PPE which you should know about. You should always follow the above-mentioned tips for selecting the right PPE kits for your unique needs.

As the PPE means personal protective equipment and so, you can use this for guaranteeing your safety. Use the PPE equipment kit always and anywhere where necessary to use.