Translate English to Arabic UAE as English is the world language today!

Go anywhere in the world you will find someone who speaks English. It is an undeniable reality the presence of the English language in large part of our daily lives. In our conversations through expressions, in the movies and series, in our favorite songs, anyway! English is everywhere, even in our work, depending on the profession you practice.

In other words, in addition to the famous verb “To be” that we learn at school, English has become much more than a discipline at school, and today it is considered a global language! In order for Arabic to flourish the same way, a great initial step would be to translate English to Arabic UAE for our coming generations to benefit and learn from. Translation from one language to another was one of the most common ways of education in the early centuries.

After establishing the fact that the English language is dominating the world, a simple question pops up in every mind: What are the reasons that make English so important in the world? How did English become the language of places as far away as the United Kingdom and French Polynesia?

Let us find out why the English language is so important in the world today and understand why English is so widely used in the world and considered an international language.

1. English is the most understood linguistic in the world

Dependent on how the count is done, apart from the 400 million natives, English is spoken and widely understood by around 1.5 billion people. Almost one-fourth of the world speaks the English language, which is why there are always people you can practice with. That is why it is so beneficial to translate English to Arabic UAE.

2. English is the official language used for international business

As most of the business head offices are located in either the United States of America or the UK, English has naturally become the official language of business. (That is why there are more and more Portuguese people looking for English courses in England!). It may also be partly due to the fact that most English speakers want to learn a new language and you need to find something in common with people from all over the world, right?

3. Most of the movies are scripted in the English language

Hollywood movies are widely watched and liked by people all over the world; therefore, it has gained influence over a massive amount of the world population, so it is only normal that English has become known as one of the main languages in the cinematographic world. Of course, films are often folded – but they are obviously better to watch in the language they were originally produced in.

4. English is comparatively easier to speak

It is not consensual depending on how you speak it, but it is mostly known that English is one of the easier languages to master. Depending on the level you are at, a course to learn English can last from 3 weeks to half a year. The vocabulary is simple and is very similar to other languages ​​, which makes it possible to see the origin of some words. What makes you think that…

5. There are always multiple ways to say something 

The best thing about English is that it is greatly flexible: you can every so often find numerous ways to convey the same thing, all thanks to the vast vocabulary. They say they have about 7.5 lac words and some more are added every year (see point 8). Still, there are many difficult words in English

6. Sounds differ around the world

In places where English is spoken as the first language, developments keep emerging in the dialects of the language and people keep evolving their style of conversation. All countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom as well as Australia all have completely different accents influenced by culture along with the historical events that have shaped their development.

7. The language is an all-rounder

All foreign English speakers who are speaking the language as a second language frequently comment on how there are different methods of saying things. That is why English is known for not discriminating-you can speak it however you see fit.

Many countries such as Singapore have the concept very much present, creating a different style of English known as “Singlish” which absorbs parts of multiple languages ​​such as Mandarin. In addition, there are a number of abbreviations in English that help a lot in getting our message across.

8. Keep Changing

Selfie. Bae. Smasual. All of such vocabulary is new in the language but even they have gained recognition already and are now considered important words. English is comparatively faster in adopting new words as compared to other languages. It keeps developing and changing with time.  

English is definitely the language that knows where the party is. Our connection to English can be inherited, but there are many ways that this language reaches people around the world. What is more, everyone should know what “selfie” means, right? Now that you know why English is important in the world, you might want to read more about it in your mother tongue.

Translate English to Arabic UAE

As you have read above, English is constantly gaining influence in the world and it is of the most spoken languages worldwide. Most of the good literature is written in the English language to address a vast audience.

Therefore, it is getting more important every day to translate English to Arabic UAE for the new Arab generation to benefit from. This way, our kids will not only get a wider exposure but will also learn from the English authors. They will get a chance to understand English theories better after reading about them in their own language.

In addition to that, this translation will also be required for your business and personal documents if you are planning to travel across countries. We hope you found this blog informative!