Skills Needed For Best Legal Translation Service in Dubai

Most of the time, translation work is not considered a resource-intensive task. It is commonly perceived that with readily available machine-assisted translation tools, translations are not cumbersome anymore. Or a common observation exists, that anyone having access to a good software or having knowledge of using one can easily be a translator.

However, in specialized fields (advertising, technical, medical, literary, legal, etc.), this does not hold true. One can easily notice the inaccuracies in a translation if not done professionally. Since it is easier to tell what is a bad translation, here we try to look at:

  • What makes the best legal translation service in Dubai successful?
  • What factors are thought to be critical in defining that all originality is captured and the true essence of the source document is maintained by the translator?

Questions like, should the individuality of a translator become visible? What can be positive and negative criteria for judging a translation work are touched upon in this piece.

Element of Individuality

To understand this, one can take an example of a common bilingual reader. Successful translation work should not allow the reader to tell which one is original and what was translated. This is how an element of individuality has to work in the field of translation.

However unfortunate this might sound, in most cases of best legal translation service in Dubai, the work of the translator speaks more than it should and clearly shows that spirit of the original work is not captured. This is most apparent in literary and advertising translations.

For a foreign reader to be able to read and understand, a professional translator interprets the source document word by word and looks into if anything is being said between the lines as well. In the world of marketing, research and literature, translation services are crucial to enable a writer or company to communicate with foreign public and readers directly.

What Makes Best Legal Translation Services In Dubai?

Where most readers belong to one linguistic majority, like in Arab speaking Gulf region, it is mostly seen that translators do not deeply consider dialects and contextual limitations. In most translation services and companies, it is preferred that translators are assigned work according to their skills and capacities. 

For instance, a translator should be native of a target language instead of the source language – since it is not only mere words that are to be captured by a translator. Nuances, complex words, expressions; all are to captured just as they appear in the source document. It takes attention to detail and a sound sense of judgment to make a translation work stand out from others.

Correctness of Work

Just as curation, a translation work signifies how a source document is presented in another language for foreign readers. For instance, in legal translations related to court, a translator is transferring the original into another language and keeping the sanctity and originality of the source document. The proceedings, accounts of an event and the meanings of legal words are kept as it is in the target document.

Similar is the case with literary translation work. A translator uses the flow and synchronization of one’s work to transfer it to another language. The correctness and accuracy for a translation work depend on how professional a translator is and the sound judgment of the translator while taking the content into another language.

Take medical documents as a case. It is not only mere words that are to be interpreted, it is also required to be precise and accurate to a maximum level, so nothing is left unconverted or translated. Human lives, their wellbeing and future activities are dependent on the words mentioned in any medical document. Hence, precision and correctness are ensured by most translation services by hiring or engaging professionals with relevant skills and competence.

Relation With Cultures and Contexts

There are reasons that so many degree courses, training and certifications are offered across the world in languages and legal translation town square. The subject and the profession of translation are connected with the emotions, dialects, and communication in a particular region of the world. Most of the time, translation work goes beyond the correct use of spellings, grammar and ease of understanding. It requires that correct words are used in a target document that is culturally acceptable to native or foreign readers.

No matter how suitable it might appear to a translator, a client would never want to refer to unacceptable commodities or impolite expressions mentioned in their translated work. Most common examples of wrong interpretations and translations can be seen in the world of marketing and advertising. Irony, humor and connectedness might not work for everyone in a particular market if not used and deciphered properly.

A marketing brochure might spur backlash if it is deemed sacrilegious or disrespectful in an environment if it does not relate to the values and social standing of a society. Similar is the case with translations, like in the Arab region, consumption of alcohol is mostly intolerable. Yet, it is commonly used in European culture to symbolize a lot of occurrences.

So, for a translator, any references to alcohol consumption in the source language have to be skillfully taken into a target translation in Arabic. One cannot take away the element of culture and contexts in translation work, as it remains integral to the choice of words and their usage.

Technical Reliability

Some translations come easy, and some have many elements to balance within the target language. A difficult task out of all is the right use of industry-related buzz-words and terms. Especially for technology-related translation work, a lot of text that isn’t available in the target language is translated. Then the task of a translator becomes tricky as to how to portray the source language appropriately.

A translator with a degree and certification might not be able to find the best words as opposed to someone who has years of experience in the field and is also a native speaker. It is a fine balance that can be provided by the best legal translation service in Dubai.


Most of us understand that word for word translation misinterprets the original content and spoils its beauty and formation. To get the most accurate translation service, one has to make the right choice in the first place.

Only the best legal translation service in Dubai can guarantee that the spirit of the original document will be captured precisely in its translated version. Choose wisely!