5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Inspection Software | Quick Inspect

Reasons for Adopting Commercial Inspection Software

The property inspection managers inspect commercial buildings regularly to ensure that everything is in proper working condition in the building. However, the manual collection of the data can be hectic and a tenuous job that can consume hours, not to mention the effort spent organizing and filing your inspections.

This is why commercial inspection software has been popular over the years. It’s making the task of property inspection substantially easier and more efficient. 

5 Reasons why you should switch to inspection software:

Get it done on the spot

The procedure of conducting the inspections via paper-based operations is a time-consuming task. But with the Commercial Inspection software, you can upload reports immediately from your device. You can convert it into files and upload them while completing your inspection in less time.

Easily accessible

Another advantage of using the software for property managers is the ease with which inspection data can be accessed. That way, you’ll always be able to find asset information without having to spend hours looking for it.

Manual filing reports can be misplaced or lost; however, the inspection reports via the software are easily stored and saved in the computer folders. Further, this makes it easier for you to locate them as and when required. 

Get rid of the paperwork

The amount of paperwork you have to deal with daily is one of the worst horrors of property management. However, with inspection software at your service, you can access the files from anywhere at any place. 

Can remove mistakes easily

With the use of commercial inspection software, the possibilities of mistakes decline, and any mistakes can be corrected easily compared to the manual paperwork. You can also easily access the past inspections, which makes it convenient for you to remove the misunderstandings and mistakes committed. 

Including Photos and Comments

The inspection software increases productivity in all areas of operations. You can use the app to take photographs, videos, and make notes on your checklist during an inspection. You get all of your inspection data in one spot, prepared to be converted into a report automatically. Rather than returning to the office to produce a report, you can relax knowing that all of your data is accurately collected and formatted into a professional-looking document.


Property inspections have been a manual task, and they have consumed a lot of our precious time. But with the invention of the inspection software, you will receive the data you require, that you will be able to access it, or that you will be able to utilize it to spot trends.

Staff can use the application to evaluate the inspections, download images, watch inspection films, and even notify maintenance personnel of issues with the property. This makes the inspection process a breeze with all files being stored conveniently at a place that can be accessed later easily.