Wood Pellet Smoker Grill

We are an actual manufacturing plant that uses real trees and processes them into our products. We are not a co-bagger that simply relies on another manufacturer that may use residue products impossible to tract to their original origins.

A wood pellet smoker grill is a small, 1-inch long, 1/4-inch diameter piece of hardwood. Because of their small size, wood pellets burn cleanly and quickly to a fine ash. Wood pellets burn at about 8500 BTUs per pound. Wood pellets come in a wide variety of “flavors” ranging from hickory and oak to cherry, apple or maple. The pellets in a normal pellet grill are fed from a storage hopper to a burning box at a controlled rate. This rate is adjustable based on whether you want a high temperature for grilling or a low temperature for smoking.

Because of the automated feed of the wood pellet smoker grill you can literally turn the unit on, give it 10 to 15-minute to heat up, and be ready to grill in almost no time. This makes it as convenient as a gas grill but with the added flavor of hardwood cooking. Automation is also great when it comes to smoking. You can smoke for-hour in a temperature controlled environment with little work from you. It is also virtually impossible to get a flare-up on a pellet grill. On high a pellet grill will consume about 2-pound per hour. This would be the temperature you grill steaks and burgers at. You probably wouldn’t want to have the unit running for a full-hour. On the smoke setting it will consume about 1/2-pound per hour so if you plan on smoking for 10-hour you will use 5-pound of pellets.