Protein Water

Whey Protein Water Supplement – When Does One Need Whey Protein Water Supplements?

Proteins are essential building blocks of human body. They are built from unit molecules called amino acids and secondary units called peptides. The human body requires certain minimum ratio of protein to body mass to function effectively and efficiently. They serve as a body building molecules. Amino acids used in the building block of the proteins are obtained from plant and animal sources. Animal sources are considered a better quality protein because of the biological availability, protein efficacy, and a higher protein amino acid score. Animal proteins also have a larger proportion of the essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are those that the human body cannot manufacture and must be obtained from external sources. A perfect example is whey protein water supplements.

Certain components of the human body would not play their roles in the event of protein malnutrition. Infants for example who do not obtain colostrum from the mother is likely to be infected by several diseases. The brain for example, will perform at a less normal level in the absence of adequate proteins. This can lead to memory lapses or poor intellectual abilities. Proteins are used for repairing cells and in building new blocks. Where a human body is injured, the restoration of the body parts such as broken skin normally requires supply of proteins. In view of the various roles of protein, any deficiency of protein would need to be corrected through provision of protein water supplement.

Protein Water

Proteins get depleted through a number of processes. In the absence of adequate protein in the diet, the body converts protein from the body cells to supply other growing parts. Some health conditions contribute to protein depletion due to the imbalance between intake and use.

Whey protein water supplements are additional forms of easily digestible milk proteins. Whey protein water supplements contain all the beneficial components of milk.  The benefits include supply of mineral acids, fatty acids and protein in the form of large peptide compounds. The peptides are unique and each play special functions. These include beta-lactoglobulin which transports water soluble vitamins, alpha-lactalbumin which binds calcium, and many others.

Whey protein water supplement are, therefore, not aimed at replacing the body’s protein but increasing their bio-availability. Use of protein supplement should not be for a long period, they only serve as short term problems.

Whey protein water supplement are important for healthy living. They should, however, be taken only when the body is in critical need so as to avoid side effects.