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What Are The Frequently Asked Questions On Development?

Laravel is the best PHP Framework since its inception. It’s become day to day more popular as its community is trying too hard to make it better, so much research going on. For being a PHP Laravel web development or Laravel developer, learning the Laravel or other words in mastering in Laravel is inevitable.

In this article, We are going to cater to a few basic FAQ and functionality guidelines for the real-time situation. To make the article more precise, we have added details link for your homework .:)   

Web Development

1. What is the latest Laravel version, What is new in it?

  • The latest version of the Laravel is 6.0 LTS version released on date 11th September 2019. It will have big fixes till Sept 2021 and security fixes till Sept 2022. From this time only it will follow the semantic versioning in Laravel from 6.0 to onwards. The major changes in this version are the improvement of the Auth Functionality, Job Middleware, Lazy Collection, Subquery and many more things.

Please find more details and updated table of the version after Laravel 6.0 arrival here: https://laravel-news.com/laravel-6

2. What is Laravel Nova?

  • Nova is a Laravel single page application, where front end technologies used as Vue.js. It has its own dashboard. It has very handful functionalities which are very useful in web application’s dashboard.

Please find details about Nova and it’s exclusive features here: https://www.cyblance.com/laravel/everything-know-laravel-nova-beautifully-designed-administration-panel-laravel/

3. What are the Laravel Horizon and its features

  • Till 2017, there was no exclusive package in Laravel for the dashboard. “Necessity is the mother of invention” as per this proverb, Laravel community takes this challenges, till mid of 2017, they introduced new packages called Laravel Horizon which is improved dashboard, having advanced features like Queue, Jobs, Metrics, Notifications, Auto balancing jobs, and other things. 

Please find details about this topic here: https://www.cyblance.com/laravel-horizon/everything-need-know-laravel-horizon/

4. Why Vue is the best combination with Laravel?

  • Vue is the front end technologies which can be easily blended with any framework, but why it’s considering best matches for the Laravel is also a unique topic to debate. 
  • Laravel has inbuilt packages by which working in Laravel with Vue is very handy. Using these lethal combinations tasks like composing the elements, event-driven programming, UI changes, single page application development, and complex application development are handled with ease.

For more details: https://www.cyblance.com/laravel/why-should-you-use-vue-js-with-laravel/

5. Is Laravel having any support for the tool for API creation?

  • GraphQL is the perfect answer to this requirement. It’s the query language and also supporting great GUI for the query creation. It can be easily installable using Laravel command line.

For more details please find here: https://www.cyblance.com/laravel/build-api-using-laravel-graphql/

6. How to use Google Translate functionality in my Laravel site?

  • Google Translate is very common functionality, it’s may require once you are dealing with a multilingual website or website having an exclusive requirement for the translation. Laravel is supporting ‘Google Translate Package’ which is a very easily installable package to cater to this requirement.

Please find details guidelines here: https://laravel-news.com/laravel-google-translate

7. What is the solution for the user’s management and their roles and permission?

  • The user management or ACL(access control list) functionality is very common for the custom website where we need to define the user group, it’s scope, their accessibility, and rights. Laravel has a great answer to this common requirement. Laravel supporting the package called ‘Junges Laravel ACL’ which offering more than what you require for the ACL(access control list).

Please find details about this package here: https://laravel-news.com/junges-laravel-acl

8. How to manage the Emails and possibly edit functionality in Laravel?

  • Laravel supports the mail functionality excellent way through the package called MailEclipse. Its support the mailable using very attractive GUI. You can indulge in the best mailing experience through this package. Its support the HTML editor and templating also. You can select your choice template from the given list.

Please find more details about this package here: https://laravel-news.com/maileclipse-laravel-mail-editor-package

9. What is the eCommerce solution for Laravel based site?

  • No website functionality is 100% completed without a great buying and selling experience, so obvious question strike in your mind: in Laravel website application, if anyone wants to integrate the eCommerce feature, do we need to the coding from scratch? The answer is ‘No’, Laravel supports the platform called ‘Bagisto E-commerce’, which is exclusively built for the Ecommerce solution. It has a very nice GUI, apart from this, it supports exclusive functionality like RTL, channels, locals, currencies, custom product attributes, multi-store, API support, and many more things. You can play with its demo to get more insight.

Please find details about this platform: https://laravel-news.com/bagisto-e-commerce-platform

It’s demo: https://bagisto.com  

10. How to implement voucher functionality in Laravel?

  • The redemption of the voucher is required to enhance the shopping experience. In the above faq, we have checked in detail about the eCommerce solution offered by Laravel, so along with Laravel also offers an important package for the redemption of the voucher called ‘Laravel Voucher’.

Please find details about this package: https://laravel-news.com/laravel-vouchers


To set up the best Laravel development experience in the website, one should upgrade his/her skills for the latest Laravel’s packages, platforms, and solutions which enrich your coding experience, your customers get the best features of the Laravel, and you will get an edge over other Laravel’s developers.