teeth whitening templestowe


Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular in the last few years. With multiple treatment options and products available, you are sure to get the quick confidence boost you desire.

While home treatments are readily available and can be on the cheaper side, the damage and effects it can have on your teeth are not well known. Professional teeth whitening Templestowe is always completed by qualified dentists and gives you outstanding results, time after time. Plus, the procedure is quick and easy. It will have you smiling your best, brightest smile in no time.

During treatment, the whitening agent is applied directly to the tooth – which is unlike most home treatments that use mouth guards for application. This means your professional dental whitening is one of the most effective treatments available. It also allows your dentist time to examine your oral care history and find out if this approach is the best for your teeth.

teeth whitening templestowe

Your dentist will use a gel or rubber to protect and shield certain parts of your mouth before the whitening agent is applied. Some dentists also use lasers for longer lasting effects. After just one treatment, which usually lasts less than an hour, you will have dramatic and immediate results.
It is important to consult your dentist before doing any type of tooth whitening treatment. Some teeth do not respond as well to the whitening and patients with veneers and crowns may find that it doesn’t change the colour at all.

Unlike home remedies, the benefits of professional teeth whitening are numerous: the effects are instantaneous and can last for many months. Home remedies take quite a few uses to first see results and tend to only last for a few days or a couple of weeks at most.

Going to your dentist for the treatment ensures you are getting a qualified professional who will use only the highest amount of care when treating your oral and dental health. Have a chat with our reception team if you have any more questions.

If you’re looking for a bright, white and confident smile ready for the races this Spring Carnival, ask us about our Zoom Whitening. This in chair whitening currently has a $50 cashback offer available. Call us today to book in with the friendly, professional team at Care Family Dental.
Your smile is an important part of your appearance and having a beautifully whitened smile can significantly boost your confidence. Look to expert teeth whitening for an effective solution.

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