Tips Ladies Must Know Before Partying

Are you ready to hit up a night on the town in one of the most popular destinations in Mexico? Puerto Vallarta is famous for lively crowds, all-nighters and incomparable music scene. When the sun goes down the streets come alive- pulsing with beats, laughter and outrageous places to party. Here are 10 Tips ladies must know before heading out for an epic night in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

Dress To Impress

In Vallarta it’s important to dress properly when heading out for a night of cocktails and fun. However, many establishments prefer if you adhere to certain dress codes if you’re planning on doing something a fancier than bar-hop from street to street.

Walking along the Malecón, dining at a higher-end restaurant or dancing at the clubs are some places which may not let you in wearing your casual beach clothes and flip flops. A little black dress and some heels usually does the trick- but choose your footwear wisely.

Puerto Vallarta is mainly composed of sloping sidewalks, cobblestone streets, tricky walkways and slippery stairs. It’s important to keep this in mind while choosing your outfit for the night and a good idea to slip some more comfortable shoes in your purse before you walk out the door.

Stay Hydrated

As drinks get passed around and converstion flows freely with friends, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and go past your normal alcohol limit. Each person has a different tolerance, so keep that in mind when your seasoned friend is chugging back shot after shot.

It’s always important to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water with your alcoholic drinks. Keep your drink within eyesight at all times while out on the town will decrease your chance of drinking anything by mistake or unknowingly consume something you don’t want in your system. Of course, this won’t be your first thought while dancing the night away after a few margaritas, but it will help your hangover the next day!

Prepare for a Long Night of Fun

Puerto Vallarta is well known for its all-nighters and late night bars which will usually keep the music going until well past 4 am. The nightlife in this vibrant city is well known for its all-nighters and late night bars which will usually keep the music going until well past 4 am.

Think ahead before day drinking on the beach or take a little siesta in the afternoon before heading out for dinner. Some of the best memories are made late into the night when the beats get louder and people come out to play. Night life amps up after 11pm so be ready to party until the early morning!

Be Polite to Staff and Tip Generously

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Talk to a VIP Party Host

One of the best ways to ensure your night is epic is to plan in advance. If you’re thinking about going clubbing or wanting the best seats in the house, it is highly recommended to speak with Puerto Vallarta Nightlife for the best deal and to help you organize your night, we for more information, regarding VIP packages, Mexico bachelorette party packages, and girl’s night out packages or book a table ensure a fantastic night out in Puerto Vallarta.

It’s a great time to meet and interact with locals and get to know more about the place you wish you visit, making you feel like a VIP. They can give you in depth detail about which events are happening, what day is the best to go and can have everything set up and ready upon your arrival.

However, if you’re feeling a bit spontaneous talking to them at the entrance can still help you have a great night out. There are many options to choose from in Puerto Vallarta, so scouting around a few different places is a great idea as each place is unique and has their own vibe. Be sure to find one that grooves with your personal tastes, relax and let the night begin!

Protect Your Belongings

Plan Your Ride Home

It’s easy to skip this step while getting exciting about the night ahead but don’t let that deter you from thinking in advance about how you’re going to get home- or wherever you may be traveling to after the night ends. Puerto Vallarta has many means of transport like Taxis, Bus, Walking and Uber. Most places you will visit during your night will help you find transport if you ask, but Uber is highly recommended.

You can easily download the app onto your device and your GPS lets the driver know exactly where you are, how much the fare is and which route you are taking. Taxis are also a great option and many of the drivers are polite and know the streets and routes very well.

The bus systems are also very good, but most routes only go until a certain time of the night or have limited pick up times. It’s a good idea to check online or with a driver about the bus schedule on the night you plan to go out. If you’re walking, make sure to stay with your friends and in well-lit streets where people frequent.

Stay Safe and Have a Party Buddy

Puerto Vallarta is a safe city but taking precautions (especially late at night) can keep the positivity flowing and a great end to an epic night. Make sure to always stay with a friend and keep in contact if you get separated, especially if you have difficulty understanding and speaking Spanish.

It’s easy to get lost or confused in the city if you aren’t familiar with certain areas. Apps like Uber help you feel safe like when you’re on your way home, you can send GPS updates to your friends to let them know you’re safe until you arrive. Have fun, stay safe and rock on!

Choose A Great Venue

Puerto Vallarta’s nightlife is vibrant and jam-packed with entertainment. Each venue has its own atmosphere, crowd and attractions. Keep your eyes open for special events like foam parties, open bars and ladies nights.

Depending on where you are in the city, your options will change. Clubs on the Malecón are right next to each other and tend to have a younger crowd ranging from about 18 to 35. If you’re planning a night in Centro, the bars are still close together but you may do some walking.

However, higher-end clubs in the Hotel Zone like La Santa and Strana you will need to take transportation to get around efficiently. Keep in mind that most places will charge a cover ranging from 300-500 pesos per person or a choice of a VIP wristband which will include an open bar and your cover. This will also change depending if you go out on a holiday, during the week or on a weekend.

Check Your Calendar

Mexico celebrates many holidays and occasions where many people in the city gather to have a few cocktails, mingle and experience a great time.

Some of these include independence day, soccer games, UFC nights, Day of the Dead, Christmas Holidays, New Year’s Eve and Semana Santa. There is usually something crazy fun happening all over the city, especially around the Malecón. Be sure to check your calendar or talk to a nightlife specialist about special celebrations happening while you’re planning your night out in Puerto Vallarta!