iPhone Screen Repair In Perth

Things You Should Know Before iPhone Screen Repair In Perth

Although iPhones are expensive and the screen guard is quite stiff, they can suffer screen damage. In addition to that, screen repair for the iPhone can cost plenty of dollars. Hence, you have to pay a lot of money to recover the screen of your apple phone. 

The best option is to visit an Apple service station. But some other alternatives are equally good. In this article, we’ll talk about things you should know about iPhone screen repair in Perth.

What is the Estimated Repair Cost?

If you go to an Apple service center, the price for screen repair will range from $129,000 to $329,000, that is for iPhone5 to iPhone 12 pro max. The price can vary for any other model. If you visit any other repairing company, then the price might be lower than the apple center.

Whenever you’re going for a screen repair, keep the price range in your mind. 

Can You Repair Screen for Free?

Apple gives a one-year warranty on some screen damages. One of the defects is a poor pixel. But if you bought an iPhone under some specific offer, there are chances for a free screen repair. You can maximize the warranty discount by using a major credit card. 

If the Apple repair is too costly or there is no warranty after the first repair, you can take the iPhone to any other repair company.

Insurance and Screen Repair

The AppleCare plan can be beneficial for you. It helps you cover all the repair costs and you don’t have to pay a huge amount for the screen repair.

How to Choose a Third-Party Repair Shop?

A third-party iPhone repair shop can do the task for less money

A third-party iPhone repair shop can do the task for less money. But there are few things you should consider while choosing the third-party repair. The repair company must be credible and have an abundance of experience. 

The repair service should offer customer satisfaction and the service should be top-notch. Also, the repair time should be less.

Why Should You Only Use Apple Parts?

Apple is a company that manufactures all the parts of the iPhone on its own. You can get the genuine parts only from an apple store. The reliability of the repair depends on the components used in screen repairing. Also, genuine parts come with a warranty, and they’ll keep your iPhone in good shape for a long period. 

Thus, repairing from a third-party company is only valuable if they use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts in the repairing process. A third party offering all these services can save your money and time. 


The iPhone repair in Perth can be smooth if you know everything about it. Do proper research before finalizing a repair store. Also, selecting an apple center or a third-party repair is your choice, but some repair services offer an excellent customer experience.