If You See Bulky, Plastic, Exposed Wires on Devices You’re About to Swipe Through Point-of-sale devices that have been tampered with (including setup of “skimmers” to steal payment card data) can be hard to spot, but they are something to be aware of and avoid. If you see bulky, plastic, exposed wires, or other things that look “off” about the device you’re about to use, consider alerting employees or law enforcement. “More and more, consumers should be looking to ‘dip’ instead of ‘swipe,’” says Cramer. “The former reads static data from the mag stripe off the back of the card; the latter reads dynamic data from the chip on the front of the card, adding an additional level of payment security.” Next, make sure you know the 10 times swiping your debit card puts your money at risk. Article Source

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