We accept submissions for occasional guest post opportunities. If you have health and fitness related content that you want to share, we want to read it. We accept op/ed and news articles discussing anything related to whole-body care. Please read the regulations below before submitting.

  • Our content takes a holistic approach to well-being. We focus on the body as one entity, and we believe in mindfulness and a positive attitude towards healthcare and health goals. Content should reflect this voice and this mission.
  • The tone for our articles is friendly and relatable, but still with very informative ideas. Content should include factual information, but be very entertaining and easy to read. We don’t have one niche demographic, so content should appeal to all types of readers.
  • Content should be between 400-700 words long. We want to publish articles that our readers will be interested in all the way through, so we try to avoid lengthy articles with long paragraphs that might lose the reader’s attention. Instead, we prefer that you include bullet points or subheaders to organize the article and break up the text.
  • We welcome posts on any topic in the health niche – the more creative, the better! With every submission, please include a short description of your piece and why you think it would be a great fit for us. This helps us when sorting through our favorites to make a final selection.
  • We also would prefer it if you could include a short bio to publish along with your piece when you submit. It can include whatever information you would like, although we prefer that it detail your experience in the health field and/or as a writer.
  • We are not able to respond to every submission, but we do read every article that is sent to us. Please allow two to three weeks for us to process your submission. If we are interested in publishing it, we will contact you via email. Please do not contact us with inquiries about the status of your submission.
  • If we are highly impressed with your work, we may ask you to write follow-up pieces for us. If we do ask you to join our team in this way, you will be compensated appropriately. We allow all of our writers the freedom to write on any topic they wish.

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