Professional Pool Remodeling in Los Angeles Area

At Pool Remodeling of Calabasas, we offer affordable high-quality solutions to any and all of your Home or Commercial Pool & Spa needs. Our team is dedicated to giving you only the best service possible and ensuring that your pool is in tip-top shape!

Let our expert pool & spa contractors help you design your perfect pool, restore that pool that is long overdue, or even remodels your pool deck and brings the backyard back to life.

Pool Design

When beginning a pool design job in Calabasas, the first questions we always ask is to describe how it will ideally feel and look, once you are sitting in your brand new backyard. We do this because delivering a custom pool to a satisfied client is our #1 goal! You know if you want a beautiful infinity pool flowing over the edge into the ocean, or a large rock structure with a waterfall flowing off. Pool Remodeling Calabasas is here to deliver that dream, on time and on a budget!

We offer state of the art pool design. Whether you are looking to build a new pool and deck for a complete backyard makeover, or simply looking to change up the tiling and mosaics on your current pool, our team of highly skilled pool designers will make your wildest backyard dreams come to life before your eyes! 

Pool Leak Detection Calabasas CA

Nobody likes to see their beautiful pool slowly draining of water with no apparent reason. That is where our skilled Pool Leak Detection comes in, similar to how the forensics unit comes to search every nook and cranny of a crime scene.

Pool Remodeling

Pool Leak Repair

Not only will we find those darn pesky leaks with ease, but we will perform the highest quality pool leak repair in Calabasas California. Our pool vibration technicians will detect your leak by using a multitude of advanced techniques.

Best Pool Resurfacing Company!

Already have a pool, but tired of the bottom of your feet becoming sore from the rough finish of your pool surface? Or do you have discoloration and brown spots, that just diminish the beauty of your backyard retreat? We can resurface and restore any pool in Calabasas with our team of highly skilled pool resurfacing team.

Commercial Pools California

Not only can we accommodate your backyard goals and dreams, but our commercial pool design and construction team can complete any project. Whether you have a community pool for a neighborhood that needs to be restored or a luxury hotel in need of a complete pool & outdoor makeover we have the skills and experience to wow. From pool design to pool installation, Pool Remodeling Calabasas is there for our clients to complete your dreams.

Pool Deck Remodeling Boca

A beautiful pool is nothing without a complimentary deck to go along. Pool deck remodeling has become our specialty in the Calabasas area, and we take pride in converting a mediocre backyard living space into the oasis of your fantasies. 

Why Choose Pool Remodeling Calabasas? Because we are Experts!

Service Guarantee

We love all of your customers and we promise to provide only the highest level of service. Our guarantee is that you will love our service so much you will be ready to leave us a 5 Star Review AND refer all of your friends & Family.


Did you go to school for your job? Well, our team has all passed our tests to become part of the team. This is not a rookie operation. We only higher a well-educated sales and installation team to make sure every job is done right for our customers!

Local Knowledge

We have the expertise and knowledge in Calabasas California to make pulling a permit a breeze to get our job underway quickly, and your beautiful backyard finished sooner!

Local Reputation

Simply put, our local reputation is stellar, and we strive to ONLY have our clients leave 5-star reviews because they are truly satisfied with our Pool Design, remodel, and installation services.