New Volumetric Filler At Chemical Solutions

To promote greater workplace efficiencies and faster turnaround times for toll manufacturing, the team at Chemical Solutions has invested in a new volumetric filler. Automating the process of packing granular and powder products is essential when dealing with bulk, industrial chemical repacking contracts because it is important to offer a competitive and effective service using innovative technology.

All stainless-steel packing machines in operation typically feature a hopper loader and automatic filling system, combining volume and mass to ensure that products are distributed at their precise weight ratios. The volumetric filler has an inbuilt conveyor apparatus that offers the mechanical advantage of allowing the system to feed directly to a bulk bag.

In addition to using a vast range of machines that enable high productivity throughout the business, Chemical Solutions is very conscious of the risk of cross-contamination with the products that it works with across the production facility, which is why it has invested in quality volumetric filler machinery for peace-of-mind.

The new volumetric filler has a hopper loader that is optimised for ease of use and quick, efficient cleaning between batches. At the end of a batch, for instance, the volumetric filler unit can be separated from the main auger, allowing it to be removed for a thorough clean before it is used again. This process ensures that the machinery is clean and contamination-free for the next task.

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Pushing innovation further, the volumetric filler has its own computer system that can be configured with specific settings depending on the batch you are working with, which is essential when striving for consistent results. To find out if Chemical Solutions has the machinery to satisfy your chemical repacking and toll manufacturing, get in touch today.

Environmental Management and Sustainability

Committed to delivering quality services, Chemical Solutions also promotes a safe workplace for its employees, working to minimise its environmental impact while operating in accordance with stringent guidelines. This means purchasing the best contract manufacturing services in the market as well as ensuring that we strive to use environmental best practices in all the tasks we engage in.

By using volumetric fillers and similar advanced machinery in our day-to-day operations, we are effectively offering our team an opportunity to work in an environmentally responsible manner. This integrates our understanding of what makes for smart decision making in an industry where it is actively encouraged to minimise waste and inefficiency.

As per the environmental management and sustainability policies in place at Chemical Solutions, we consider all environmental concerns and potential into our decision-making processes. We also train, educate, and inform employees about environmental issues that may affect their work in a concerted effort to reduce waste through recycling and the use of recycled and refurbished products without compromising quality, offering a more economical business that shares its competitive cost-savings with its customers. The volumetric filler is just one example of a machine that reduces excess waste through industrial productivity.

Volumetric Filling and More

To learn more about Chemical Solutions and how it can manage your requirements for everything from chemical crushing and putty manufacturing to sieving and filtering, call 1300 708 558 or contact us online.

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