Enterprise Content Strategy: A Framework & Guide

PHP is nowadays the preferred choice for web design and development. It is particularly useful and popular for dynamic websites and 80% of all dynamic websites over the internet use PHP.

Custom PHP development is further preferable because it is used to create feature-rich eCommerce websites that deliver a matchless end-user experience.

PHP web developers always speak highly of PHP’s capabilities for creating enterprise software. Enterprise software is a custom business management tool that is used internally for meeting specific requirements for an organization. Enterprise software should be in a perfect alignment of organizational activities. 


A few of the top examples of enterprise software are enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and content management system (CMS) tools. Enterprise software may also include other enterprise related tools that manage an organization’s assets.

Using PHP frameworks for creating enterprise applications

When developing an enterprise application, a PHP developer has a choice at using several PHP frameworks. The best suited among them is chosen based upon the varying levels of performance requirements, features, and functionality of the web app. Among the top PHP frameworks are Laravel, CodeIgnitor, Zend, Symphony, and Yii.

Benefits of PHP development for enterprises

For enterprises, the benefits of PHP development include cost-effectiveness, compatibility, scalability, and simplicity. 

Product management is simplified

PHP applications can be used for developing features for the management of activities such as calculating shipping costs, collection of sales taxes, and offering discounts.

Top security features

Top security features of websites built using PHP safeguards them against cyber and system threats.

Ad trackers

Trackers deliver different kinds of functionalities, such as clicks and impressions of campaigns, and stats for traffic and conversions. They upkeep the results of digital marketing and can be captured using custom PHP apps.

Lower turnaround times

PHP websites characteristically feature relatively lower turnaround times. Even enterprise-grade, high performing, and sustainable websites can be created in lower turnaround times in a limited budget.

Among the top advantages of using PHP for creating enterprise software is that PHP features a vast collection of pre-built modules for direct integration, and unlike Java, PHP delivers an instant output without compilation.

A developer’s skills and experience play a critical role in the quality of solutions he delivers, irrespective of whether one wants to create enterprise software, a web app, or a website. Therefore, one should try and ensure that he avails of the services of a reputed PHP web development company and proficient PHP website developers.